Python client introduction
Python API documentation:

The easy way to install TinyChain's Python client is using Pip:
# on newer operating systems this command may be "pip" instead of "pip3"
pip3 install tinychain

You can verify that you've installed the Python client correctly by running this Hello, World! program:
import tinychain as tc
# This host is available for demonstration purposes, but may be slow
# due to the volume of requests it receives.
HOST ="")
# This endpoint will attempt to execute resolve whatever State it receives,
# without committing any write operations.
ENDPOINT = "/transact/hypothetical"
def hello(name: tc.String):
return tc.String("Hello, {{name}}!").render(name=name)
if __name__ == "__main__":
cxt = tc.Context()
cxt.hello = hello
cxt.result = cxt.hello("World")
print(, cxt))
If you have any trouble with the host at, you can run your own host by following the steps in Run a TinyChain host.
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